Day 112

10-31-2018Church Renovation

The sheet rock is almost ready to be painted. The Sanctuary is almost finished. Liam is on his last of the pews. The new organ is here and the pipe are starting to go in. The pictures do not show how beautiful the paint and stencils are. The church will be open after Mass this Sunday so everyone can see how beautiful it is.

Day 110

10-29-2018Church Renovation

The painters are working on the last color for the sanctuary. The gold lace looks beautiful with the lights shining on it. Liam is still stripping pews. The sheetrockers were here over the weekend. Hansen Hall is starting to look like a room instead of just a basement. The walls are all sheetrocked for the elevator also.


10-28-2018Weekly Reflection

Congratulations to our students who will be getting confirmed this Sunday at Holy Family Catholic Church in Arcadia. Please pray for these students.

Immaculate Conception
Alexander Jacob Brown - Saint Christopher
Emma Leigh Pronschinske – Saint Catherine of Bologna
Caitlyn Marie Speltz – Saint Elizabeth of Hungary

St. Boniface
Barbara Irene Dittrich – Saint Francis of Assisi
Chase Alexander Kamrowski – Saint Alexander of Jerusalem
Morgan Lynn Stolz - Saint Catherine of Siena


Day 109

10-26-2018Church Renovation

The walls are getting studded up for Hansen Hall and for the elevator. Terry's electric is finishing up the electric for the basement. Sheet rock will being getting put up tomorrow. Moving forward....

Day 107

10-24-2018Church Renovation

All the gold in the sanctuary is really going to shine once the lighting gets in. The hole is cut for the elevator lift. Terry's Electrical service is working hard in Hansen Hall to get it ready for the sheetrockers.

Day 105

10-22-2018Church Renovation

The painting crew is working hard to get the stencils done. Since we will have new energy efficient lighting, almost all of the electrical is getting replaced. The concrete is getting poured in the room where and the elevator lift is going and for the outside ramp.

10-21-2018Weekly ReflectionFather Prince Raja

All the three readings of today touch the theme of suffering. In the first reading of today we hear God praising a loyal Servant. Through his sufferings and death he has won healing for many. This suffering servant will offer his life in atonement. In the second reading Jesus is presented to us as a High Priest who becomes the mediator between God and man restoring all things to the Father. Since he experienced struggles of life on earth, he can sympathize with us weak human beings. He can feel for us in our weakness. In the Gospel Jesus teaches James and John and the other disciples that the real pathway to glory and honor is service and becoming a servant. The Son of man did not come to be served but to serve and to give his life as a ransom for many. Our Christian life can be summarized as a call to serve.


Day 102

10-17-2018Church Renovation

Painters are working on the sanctuary. The gold is up around the inside arch. Pew stripping is still in the process. Terry's Electric is stringing more new wire up. We will have new wiring throughout the church. He has the mounts installed for the new lighting on the top of the stairs.

Day 100

10-15-2018Church Renovation

The painters are done with the main part of the church and now focused on the front. The pictures just do not do it justice. The gold is so beautiful.

Live, Act and Think as True Christians

10-14-2018Weekly ReflectionFather Prince Raja

Word of God of this Sunday – the 28th Sunday in ordinary time – invites us to examine our attitude towards money and wealth. In the first reading, King Solomon, who is acclaimed as the author of the book of Wisdom, sings:

"I prayed, and prudence was given me; I pleaded, and the spirit of wisdom came to me. I preferred her to scepter and throne, and deemed riches nothing in comparison with her," (Wis 7:7-8).


Day 99

10-12-2018Church Renovation

The painters are up in the choir loft. The gold color just sparkles. The old cement is removed and the floor is getting leveled for new concrete in the room that will house the elevator lift. The outside ramp will get poured at the same time. Just keeps moving forward.

Day 97

10-10-2018Church Renovation

The painters are working on getting the middle of the nave done. Steve has been getting the pews done. He has the altar bench all prepped for another coat of stain and varnish.

Day 95

10-08-2018Church Renovation

The painters are working on the middle ceiling stencils. Steve has put up the new wainscot and top trim. All the wainscot had to be made new. When Servicemaster took off the old wood it broke up too much to put back in.

The new top trim will still need to be stain and varnished. Some more pews are getting a new coat of stain and varnish.

The Sacredness of Married Life

10-07-2018Weekly ReflectionFather Prince Raja

Today's readings tell us of the sacredness of married life. In the first reading God blesses man and woman whom he created. In their love for each other in marriage the two become one. In the Gospel we have the teaching of Jesus about divorce and remarriage. He blesses the little children with the message that they symbolize those fit to enter the kingdom of God. In the second reading we hear that the Son of God came to the earth and identified with us. We are his brothers and sisters. He suffered and died for us so that we may be saved.


Day 94

10-05-2018Church Renovation

The wainscot is getting put back up with each board having a new coat of stain and varnish. The painters are putting more stencils on the ceiling. I am getting excited for how it will look once it is finished.

Day 90

10-01-2018Church Renovation

And more stenciling...Hopefully everyone got a chance to look inside the church this past weekend. If not, there is some display information on the tables upstairs in the Parish Life Center. The main part of the church is just beautiful with all the gold shining down at us.