Jesus, I Trust in You!

04-26-2015Weekly ReflectionFr. Brian Jazdzewski

Every once in awhile, in the crowds I often run in, body art is part of the visible surroundings. Sometimes I read a message found on some tattoos which reads, “Trust No One.” I hope that as a person of faith, you find that message as disturbing as I do.

Divine Mercy Sunday was celebrated around the planet just two short weeks ago. We were reminded by Jesus, through Saint Faustina, about His message to each of us, “I Trust in You.” That, of course, means that we, as disciples, are to own up to the simple prayer which states, “Jesus, I Trust in You.” As easy as those words are to pray, they are often more challenging to live up to. That prayer is quite a contrast to the aforementioned tattoo.


Take Another Look

04-12-2015Weekly ReflectionFr. Brian Jazdzewski

Every once in awhile I remind people to “participate, don’t anticipate.” These words hold true in these days of Easter. Already people are planning for Mother’s Day, Memorial Day and beyond. Just hold on, participate, don’t anticipate.

In other words, we are deep in the celebration of the Paschal Mysteries; we are celebrating Easter – the Resurrection of our Lord! I realize that the material world had Easter decorations available since Valentine’s Day, and now, most of those decorations are stored. But, for us, we need to be intentional about what we are celebrating as Christians, AND, celebrate it!


Day 36

07-11-2018Church Renovation

Liam was working in the Sanctuary today taking inside trim off to get old wiring out and discovered this written on the top of one of the pillar trims. Looks like 3 paint jobs after the original. We will keep that and have Charlie put his mark up there too. He also found some of the old stenciling under the chipped paint. Exciting to find hidden history like that.