Why do we belong to this church?

09-30-2018Weekly ReflectionFather Prince Raja

Our world is a challenging world and in this world we are all called to be prophets of God. We are invited to announce the good news of God's deep love for each one of us. It is indeed important that we manifest this call in our behavior and daily activities and more importantly through our words. A prophet is one who stands for the values of God against the values of the world.

There are two words that have featured very strongly in the study of religion since the 1990's: 'Believing' and 'Belonging'. In 1994, a British sociologist of religion (Grace Davie) published a book on the rise of secularism in Britain since 1945. She called her book, Believing without Belonging. There have been other books and articles on the same theme using the words, 'Believing' and 'Belonging'. More recently, another British scholar (Abby Day) in her book, Believing in Belonging, suggests that actually people believe because they want to belong to a group that gives them identity.


Day 89

09-28-2018Church Renovation

More stenciling...One side has the gold flake done and the other side has it applied and waiting to dry before peeling it off.

Day 87

09-26-2018Church Renovation

Terry's Electric is stringing more wire. The painters are still hanging and painting stencils. Eileen has been busy running between the church and school giving the guys directions. Charlie and Steve have been cutting and getting the stencils ready for Tim, Brian and Rick up on the lift. Most of the stencils have 2 or 3 colors plus the gold flake.

Day 85

09-24-2018Church Renovation

The stenciling has proven to be a challenge. Very tedious and very time consuming. But I just can't wait for the end result. Eileen has been busy organizing all of them. Steve has even been cutting and pulling stencils. Keep praying that everything goes smoothly for the painters and Eileen. We are still collecting donations for the upgrades. There is a list on the table by the bulletins. Sheetrock in the basement should start this week. Flooring people should be here in 2 weeks.

Endurance in Hope

09-23-2018Weekly ReflectionFather Prince Raja

As this weekend we are in the first kickoff of our Diocesan Annual Appeal (DAA), let me remind you about the theme for this year "Endurance in Hope". Let us share our time, talent and treasure generously towards this year Appeal.

When St. Bernard was asked what the four cardinal virtues were, he replied: "Humility, humility, humility and humility." In today's gospel, the disciples of Jesus on their way to Capernaum, they discussed among themselves who is the greatest. The disciples were still clueless about Jesus and His mission. Even as he predicts for the second time the betrayal and death await Him in Jerusalem, they continued to dream of sharing His glory when He declares Himself as the Messiah in the holy city.


Day 84

09-21-2018Church Renovation

The stencils are going on slow. It is a 4 step process and everything has to be dry before moving on to the next step. The guys are putting up the color and Charlie is finishing the first one with gold flake paint. The stenciling above the wainscot is all finished. Keep all the painters and Eileen in your prayers. Stencils are so stressful. They are very touchy and they have to match exact. Eileen will have some display/presentation boards upstairs in the Parish Life Center for anyone to look at after Mass on Sunday. We are still short on donations for our upgrades to our church.

Day 82

09-19-2018Church Renovation

Rick & Charlie have been working with Eileen to get all the stenciling right. It is such a tedious job. Everything has to match up just right. There will be 3 colors of paint in the stencils on the ceiling. Which means there will be 3 sets of stencils to put up and match the design. They are very patient men.

Day 81

09-18-2018Church Renovation

Eileen is back with some stencils. Charlie and Rick have started painting the first layer around the side. There will be a couple of layers yet to add. There are piles of stencils that she has brought. The guys will be busy now.

Who do you say I am?

09-16-2018Weekly ReflectionFather Prince Raja

n today's Gospel Mark gives us two incidents in the public life of Jesus which are closely connected. His mission was given by the Father to proclaim the kingdom and be with them as the messiah. Here we have the first of the three predictions of Jesus about his imminent sufferings, death and resurrection. As such it makes a turning point in this Gospel. Here we have Mark's carefully constructed theology of the cross which will evolve around his three passion predictions.


Day 77

09-12-2018Church Renovation

Rick is scraping the wood downstairs by Hansen Hall so it can be stained and varnished. Charlie and Brian have one sacristy done and working on the other side sacristy. Stripping of the next batch of pews has begun. We still need donations to cover all the upgrades that we would like to get done in the church. There is a list of upgrades and estimates next to the bulletin.

Day 75

09-10-2018Church Renovation

Cleaning out all the stuff in the sacristy so the painters can get in there to patch and paint. Steve has the confessionals stained and varnished. The insides will be updated also. The plumbers are working downstairs when they can. Almost have everything plumbed downstairs in the hall, bathrooms and furnace room.

The Gift of Hearing

09-09-2018Weekly ReflectionFather Prince Raja

The Liturgy of the Word today suggests: Yes, the Messiah is here! The Lord has visited his people! But it is also that the Lord invites us to a personal encounter with him and to a spontaneous attraction towards him.

In the first reading we have the Prophet who is a chosen servant of God reflecting on his mission. Nothing could break his trust and confidence in God. He knows that God is coming. Then the eyes of the blind will be opened and ears of the deaf will be unsealed. In the second reading we hear that faith without work is dead. Living faith will perform works of charity. James tells us that God has chosen the poor of the world to inherit the Kingdom.


Day 74

09-07-2018Church Renovation

The painters have added a few more accent colors. I can't wait until the stenciling starts. Steve is refinishing the old altar. They are gong to match the wood and stain with the new additions that are being made to the altar. There will be a handout at church this weekend with estimates of how much the upgrades will cost. Attached to that is a hand drawn picture from Eileen of what the new altar will look like.

Day 72

09-05-2018Church Renovation

A few more colors have been added to one side of the church. The white is where the stencils will go. The blue and the dark tan color are accents. I am looking forward to Eileen coming back next week and what surprises she will have for us.

I will not be posting any pictures on Tuesday or Thursdays since I will be out at St. Boniface School in Waumandee. But don't forget to check it out the other 3 days!

The Nature of True Religion

09-02-2018Weekly ReflectionFather Prince Raja

The theme of today’s readings is the nature of true religion. Generally in a human society the laws are a necessary component. They are necessary for an ordered living and manifesting the best of relationships in society.

In the first Reading Moses draws the attention of the Israelites to all the good things God does for them. One such thing is the Law itself. It is not surely a burden but a gift from God offering them every advantage to remain in right relationship with God. The land was also a gift of God.