Turn to God

07-07-2024Weekly ReflectionFr. Aruldoss

Dear People of God,

Good morning! Once again, I express my sincere thanks to all those who participated in our Diocesan Annual Appeal 2023-2024. This year, all our three parishes are above the goals set by our Diocese. In fact, our three parishes get some money back as Rebates. Kindly see more details below.

ParishGoalReceivedOver# Donors
Immaculate Conception $21,560 $24,405 $2,845 59
St. Lawrence $13,580 $14,155 $575 43
St. Boniface $8,105 $18,065 $9,960 44

On this fourteenth Sunday of ordinary time, the reading call us to meditate about the prophetic call and the faithful witness to Christ. Today’s first reading speaks about God sending Ezekiel to Israel. It was while Ezekiel was in exile that God calls him to be a prophet. God described the people as rebels but yet God still sent them Ezekiel to once again offer God’s message to His people. God prepares Ezekiel for this mission by essentially telling Ezekiel to remain close to Him as the Lord says, “You shall say to them: Thus says the LORD GOD! And whether they heed or resist — for they are a rebellious house — they shall know that a prophet has been among them. He preached them and then faced much challenges from them.

In today’s gospel we hear of Jesus’ return to his hometown Nazareth after a period of preaching and working miracles around Galilee. He is invited to
teach in the local synagogue. Initially the people are astonished and they recognize in Jesus something out of the ordinary. Where did this man get all this, they ask, his wisdom and his power to work mighty deeds? But the initial astonishment quickly sours and gives way to hostility and rejection. We know his family. He grew up among us. He is just the local carpenter. He is no different from us. They simply rejection Jesus even after knowing and hearing good things about Jesus. In spite of all these, he was not discouraged. Instead, he continued to preach and heal his generation.

We are called to bear witness to Christ in our life. God desires us to stand up, be fully engaged, and listen to His voice. He reminds us that our mission is to convey the word of the Lord, even if it brings opposition. Our duty is to be faithful prophets, ensuring that others know a prophet has been among them. we must continue to exercise it. This is because, even in our weakness, the grace of God is sufficient for us, and makes us strong. Have a Happy Sunday!