Humility and Holiness

11-05-2023Weekly ReflectionFr. Aruldoss

Dear people of God,

Good morning to all. On the first day of ‘November’, we celebrated “All Saints Day”. On this day, we remember all the victorious people. Central to All Saints' Day is the belief in the bond between the living and the heavenly. Recognizing and thanking the saints, known and unknown, is paramount. It is a day marked with profound reverence in the Catholic Church. We are called to follow their footsteps and seek their intercessions in our day-today lives.

On November 2, we celebrated “All Souls Day”. On this day and also throughout this month, we remember all our deceased brethren. Roman Catholic doctrine holds that the prayers of the faithful on earth will help cleanse these souls in order to fit them for the vision of God in heaven, and the day is dedicated to prayer and remembrance. Requiem masses are commonly held, and many people visit and sometimes decorate the graves of loved ones. Let us pray specially for all our beloved deceased especially all forgotten souls and the souls in purgatory in this month.

On this 31st Sunday, the readings are calling us to humility and holiness. The first reading demands that we listen to God and love one another. The second reading tells us that we work to proclaim the Good News.

In today’s gospel reading, Jesus advises the crowd and his disciples to follow the teachings of the scribes and Pharisees but not their actions, as they are showy and lack genuine help for others. He emphasizes humility and service over titles like “Rabbi” and “Master.” Throughout the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus exemplifies compassion and mercy by healing the sick, feeding the hungry, and comforting the marginalized. His ultimate sacrifice on the cross demonstrates his love for all.

As Catholics, we find valuable lessons in Jesus’ teachings on love, forgiveness, and service. We are called to be compassionate and merciful, mirroring his example both in our words and deeds. Have a Blessed Sunday!