Our Souls are made to be Eternal

11-06-2022Weekly ReflectionFr. Aruldoss

Dear People of God,

Praise the Lord! We have a new month ‘November’ which is dedicated to the remembrance of all Souls. We are called to pray specially for the repose of all souls. It is also good to visit the cemetery for an extra-plenary indulgences especially for the 8 days of this month of All Souls to alleviate the poor souls in Purgatory. Because it is based on our Creed “Resurrection of Life” The liturgy of the word on this Sunday, also invites us to contemplate on the mystery of God in relation to human death and Resurrection! Jesus assures us that there is life after death because our God is the God of life.

The first reading of today speaks about the Martyrdom of seven brothers and their mother. The promise of resurrection was very important to them. They became martyrs in a rebellion against a tyrant. Their faith in the resurrection gave them the courage to die, and eventually to defeat their enemy. During their torture, three of the brothers speak, and each of them finds strength in the belief that he will eventually be raised and rewarded by God.

Today’s Gospel is also about resurrection of the dead! The Sadducees were only looking for a way to trap Christ. Also, they wanted to justify their belief that life ends here on earth. However, they were wrong. Through his discussion with them, Christ reassures us that life does not end here and also they will live like Angels in heaven for ever . Hence Paul reminds us that: “If our hope in Christ is only for this life, then we deserve more pity than anyone else (I Cor 15:19). Our hope must not end here because we are on a journey toward eternal life in Christ.

Today, we are called to hold on to the hope we have in the joyful fulfillment of God’s promises and in our resurrection in Christ. Living as sons & daughters of the resurrection is about how we live right now, not just after we die. Let us remember that “our God is not God of the dead but of the living, for to Him all are alive. So let us trust in His resurrection and try to live our present life meaningfully and fruitfully. Have a Happy and Blessed Sunday!