10-02-2022Weekly ReflectionFr. Aruldoss

Dear People of God,

Praise the Lord! On this twenty seventh Sunday, the readings invite us to reflect on one of the most important virtues – ‘Faith’. It is the foundation of our Christian life. Faith gives us a new vision and version of life.

In the first reading of this Sunday, we are reminded of this very popular verse from the book of Habakkuk: “the just shall live by his faithfulness, God simply encourages us to remain faithful in good deeds and actions. The Just here is the one who still perseveres in good deeds. He is the one who still trust in the saving power of God. He is the one who still prays to God.

In the second reading, Paul presents Faith as our acceptance of Jesus as the fulfillment of the promises of God. Paul stresses the need for a living Faith in, and loyalty to, Christ’s teachings handed down to us by the Church. Hence, Faith is belief in, and acceptance of, revealed truths based on the authority and veracity of God, and Hope is trust in God.

In today's Gospel we hear Jesus teach about faith and service to God. There are two related teachings that Jesus offers to his disciples when they cry out for an increase in faith. The first is the familiar reminder that faith, even just a little, will enable the followers of Jesus to do wondrous things. But this uplifting and inspiring teaching is quickly followed by the second teaching, a caution about knowing one's place in God's plans.

The disciples of Jesus are to understand themselves as servants to God and his plans. Even when God works wonders through us, with our mustard seed-sized faith, we must not seek praise. When we are graced enough to cooperate with God, the work we do is nothing more than our obligation to God as faithful stewards. And yet, our faith enables us to believe that what we have offered in service to God, as his servants, can be made to produce a hundredfold.

Finally, we need faith in God in order to preserver in good works. We need it in order to remain steadfast during difficult moments in life. Have a Happy and Joyful Sunday!