Trinity Sunday

06-12-2022Weekly ReflectionFr. Arul Doss

Dear People of God

Good morning. Hope everyone is keeping fine. Back in India, the temperature now is 102 but it feels like 114. It is very hot and dry. I miss very much our American weather. Here all my family members are doing well. I am very eagerly waiting to see you soon.

Today is Holy Trinity Sunday. In today’s first reading, wisdom is personified. She is both God the Creator, and at the same time, the witness to creation. In order words, we are reminded that it is only the Trinitarian God that can comprehend and explain Himself. As humans, we only share or participate in God’s wisdom. Hence, ours is limited while God’s is absolute.

In the second reading, Paul tells us that: “The love of God is poured into our hearts by the Holy Spirit.” Christ is the fullness of God’s love. From this, we have some insight about what this union of the three divine persons looks like. Each of them do their work, yet they remain one and undivided. Today’s gospel makes this unity clear. Each and every one of them bears witness to the same word and truth. Each affirms and confirms the work of the other. They do not contradict one another. They are not separated by time or space, because their project is one and the same. Also, they share the same glory.

From this solemnity of Holy Trinity, we must learn to remain united in faith. Today’s celebration also reminds us that, although we are called to be united, each one of us is unique. This is expressed in the different modes of spirituality which exists in the Church. In spite of these, we are still united in the pursuit of God’s kingdom. So, none should be deprived of his uniqueness. Therefore, as one united, “but not uniform people,” we must continue to work for the progress of God’s kingdom.

Also, we must learn from the three divine persons how to love and respect one another. This also means, complimenting and appreciating the efforts of one another. If we live in harmony as the Most Holy Trinity, then: “The greatness of the name of the Lord will be made known through all the earth” (Ps 8:2).

Have a Happy and blessed Sunday.