Pentecost Sunday

06-05-2022Weekly ReflectionFr. Arul Doss

Dear People of God,

Good morning to you. Today is Pentecost Sunday. We have a great reason to celebrate, and to exchange good wishes because today is the birthday of the Holy Mother Church. Easter is the feast of the light, of the new life that begins with Christ’s resurrection. Pentecost is the celebration of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. It marks the beginning of the new covenant, and the birth of the public life of the church.

Our first reading relates the events of the coming of the Holy Spirit as a great manifestation of the of God’s power. The speaking in different tongues that were understood by all the Jews that came to Jerusalem for the celebration of the feast of Pentecost was a miracle. It was a clear manifestation of the mission of the universal church. It is a call for the church to be a sign of human unity. This is irrespective of race, color or language.

In the second reading, Paul reminds us of the fact that, by virtue of our “Pentecostal experience” today, an indelible mark has been placed upon us. Hence, we have been specially configured for God’s mission. This means that it is the Holy Spirit that gives life and directs our mission. Therefore, through today’s out pouring of the Holy Spirit, we are truly and fully marked as God’s children. Though adopted, we are fully heirs to God’s throne and heritage.

Today’s gospel reminds us of the principal roles of the Holy Spirit. These include: advocating, teaching, and reminding us of the things we ought to know. However, for this to be possible, we must be ready to cooperate with him. We need to permit the Holy Spirit to take control of our lives:

  1. by constantly remembering His holy presence and behaving well; 
  2. by praying for His daily anointing so that we may fight against our temptations and control our evil tendencies, evil habits and addictions.;
  3. by asking His daily assistance to pray, listening to God through meditative Bible reading, and talking to Him by personal, family and liturgical prayers; and
  4. by asking the help of the Holy Spirit to do good for others and to be reconciled with God and others every day.

Have a spirit-filled Sunday!