Events and Announcements

St. Lawrence Quilting Group

We will begin meeting again starting the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays at 1:00pm in the church undercroft, Feb - Nov. Anyone is welcome to join! Questions? Please call Louise at 685-4188.

We are in need of gently used bed sheets, fitted or flat; to be used for backing on quilts. Please drop them off in the back room at church or in the lower level. Thank you for your assistance in this worthwhile service enabling people in our area to stay warm and cozy.

Parish Prayer Chain is open for anyone.

The list was completed in 2013 and needs to be updated. All the names on the list that are there now will be kept and will add anyone who wishes to be added. The main thing to remember with the prayer chain is CONFIDENTIALITY. There should be no problem with confidentiality since the individual or family member is the one making the request for our prayers and can control as to how much information is given out.

Call Lorena Hungerford at 608-685-3598 to put your name on the list by Sun, May 27. PLEASE give me your home phone, cell phone and if you have an answering machine in case a message needs to be left. PLEASE call the next name on the list so we can keep our prayers going. Any questions call Lorena.