Day 69

08-31-2018Church Renovation

You can see the first color of accent paint. They will start on the second color next week. Then will come the stencils. Steve has started to stain the confessional. All the wood in the church looks beautiful.

Day 68

08-29-2018Church Renovation

All 3 painters were painting the darker color inside the tape. You can see the different shade where they had started one of the squares. Steve is sanding down the confessional to give it a new coat of stain and varnish.

Day 67

08-28-2018Church Renovation

The painters are done putting the final coat on the sanctuary. They are marking out the ceiling for the second ceiling color and the stencils will go around the square.

Day 66

08-27-2018Church Renovation

The painters are on the final stretch now. Charlie is painting in the entrance way where the steps came out. Rick has been busy finishing the wood grain on the beams. You can see how much it matches the original wood already there. By the end of the day, they were in the sanctuary putting final coat on the main part. The other 2 painters are busy varnishing everything.

Day 65

08-24-2018Church Renovation

The wood graining is complete in the main part of the church.

Day 64

08-23-2018Church Renovation

The Wood Graining Process continues...

Day 63

08-22-2018Church Renovation

Charlie and Rick are wood graining ceiling beams. All of the metal works, including the tabernacle, are back and looking like they are brand new.

Day 62

08-21-2018Church Renovation

Steve is stripping the old varnish off of part of the old tabernacle table. He will use that to make the new rebuilt one. Schaffner's is in Hansen Hall putting up the ducting for the bathrooms. Painting continues.

Day 61

08-20-2018Church Renovation

The dome has its final paint on it. So exciting! The painters are repainting the wood beams. I also took a picture of Eileen's hand drawn copy of the new rebuilt back altar.

Day 60

08-17-2018Church Renovation

There is a company here that is cleaning the inside of the stained glass windows with special cleaner. Eileen is still hard at work trying to make everything right so it looks beautiful (which she is really good at).

Charlie is putting on the first coat of paint on the wood beams. It is a couple step process to make them look like real wood beams again. Have a great weekend.

Day 59

08-16-2018Church Renovation

Steve and Eileen going over the sanctuary plans. Charlie and Rick putting some color up. It is going to look amazing! Schaffner's are still in Hansen Hall running heat pipes in the I-beams. There will be heat in the entrance way finally.

Day 58

08-14-2018Church Renovation

The sanctuary is all patched and primed. Looks so nice and clean right now. The entrance way all has been patched where the steps came out. Steve has an assembly line of pews - staining and varnishing. They are beautiful after they have been varnished.

Day 57

08-10-2018Church Renovation

The painters have patched the whole sanctuary now. Ready to prime. The steps to the choir loft have been removed on the landing to make room for the elevator. Now neither set of steps will be taken out.

Day 56

08-09-2018Church Renovation

Charlie and the guys are getting to the top of the sanctuary. Steve is taking out the uneven cement in the back room to lay new even cement for the elevator. With the cities permission, the sidewalk will get a ramp put in so the entrance to the church will be handicap accessible.

Day 55

08-08-2018Church Renovation

Schaffner's is back at it in the furnace room. Painters are working on the sanctuary. Eileen should be back in the next couple of days to go over colors with the painters.

Day 54

08-07-2018Church Renovation

The main belly of the church has its final color painted on. The sanctuary is in the middle of 3 stages right now - patching, priming & painting. The wood in the around the windows and the entrance way are getting a new coat of varnish. Schaffner's are in the furnace room again hooking up some more heat pipe and running some water lines.

Day 53

08-06-2018Church Renovation

Some of the piping from the air conditioners have been installed into place. The painters are still painting, patching and now have started varnishing the wood.

Day 52

08-03-2018Church Renovation

No new pictures today. The painters are painting the final coat on some of the ceiling and yet patching in the sanctuary yet. Ductwork is still in progress in the furnace room. Electrical is done in the attic. The new lighting will really brighten up the church. Have a wonderful and blessed weekend! Praise God for the summer days that we still have.

Day 51

08-02-2018Church Renovation

The painters are patching the sanctuary. Electrical is still in progress. Moving forward.

Day 50

08-01-2018Church Renovation

Air conditioning units have been put into place. The new varnish has been applied to the woodwork and windows. The duct work in the basement continues.