From Our Pastor

01-29-2023Weekly ReflectionFr. Aruldoss, Pastor

Dear People of God,

Good morning. Hope, everyone is keeping well. On this fourth Sunday of ordinary time, the readings remind us that God delights in the humbleness. He looks at the humble and lowly and fills them with his wisdom, virtue and the holiness of Christ.

In the first reading from the book of Zephaniah, God promises to preserve a remnant for Israel. However, one remarkable thing about this promise is that this group would be made up of only humble and lowly people. In our second reading, Paul reminds us that God delights in the humble of heart. Although, He does not discriminate, he often choses the lowly and poor in spirit. So, Paul encourages us not to be ashamed of the Christian community because of its composition of members of little human wisdom, intelligence, power and material wealth.

In today’s gospel reading, Christ reminds us of the most important Christian virtues that will help us become part of this remnant that God promises to elect for himself in our first reading. If we meditate on this, we will see that the poor in spirit, that is, those who suffer, those who mourn, the hungry and thirsty for justice, those who work for peace, the merciful the pure in heart, the insulted and persecuted are living a voluntarily stripped life that draws them closer to God.

God has invited us to form part of this humble people that put their confidence in Him. We are invited to part of this remnant through, integrity, honesty, humility and obedience to God. All those who have these are the blessed. At times, we try to resist this prestigious rest to which God has invited us. This is because, we often think we can get it only with money, fame, and power. Let us not deceive ourselves, but continue to follow the permanent values that radiates from the person and life of Jesus Christ.

Have a Happy and Blessed Sunday!

Yours in Christ,
Fr. Doss