We are the People of God

08-07-2022Weekly ReflectionFr. Aruldoss

Dear people of God,

Good morning to you all. On this 19th Sunday, the Church, calls to mind our heritage as the elect and people of God. We worship an awesome and caring God. Therefore, we have the courage to look forward into a glorious future in the kingdom of our Father.

The first reading of today points out the quality of the covenant through which our citizenship as the people of God was established. This covenant is divine and firm. Therefore, we are admonished to be joyful and courageous because our citizenship is based on a solid foundation. This covenant enables us to share in the blessings and heritage of God our father.

Today, the psalmist exalts us: “Happy the people the Lord has chosen as his own. The second reading presents Abraham to us as a model of faith. We became God’s adopted children through faith. Thus, we share the same heritage with Christ. God revealed himself fully in Christ. Hence it is through our faith in Christ, that we became God’s people.

In the gospel, Jesus assures us that as God’s people we have a share in his heritage. This heritage is His kingdom. Christ allayed our fears by encouraging us not to be afraid. He calls us “little flock”, meaning, my beloved people. He did not stop at this, but went further to bring us the good news from our Father: “…For it has pleased your Father to give you the Kingdom.” This is the climax of today’s message.

However, as the people of God, Christ warns us to be watchful. This is a necessary condition for us to obtain this kingdom which is our heritage. Therefore, as God’s people, we must live lives that bear good testimony both to our Father and heritage.

This life is a life of watchfulness! Watchfulness here simply means being conscious of who we are. It means cherishing and safeguarding our heritage. The mark of this life is our faith! It is only through it that we can be that: “Happy people that the Lord has chosen as his own.” Have a happy and Blessed Sunday!