Be on Fire

08-14-2022Weekly ReflectionFr. Aruldoss

Dear people of God,

Sincerely, I thank all the members of Guilders’ group of Immaculate Conception who gave me a nice Quilt cloth on last Sunday. It was a great surprise and a very valuable one to me. On this twentieth Sunday, the liturgy of the Word of God encourages us to fight against evil by following the footsteps of Christ who came to bring “fire” upon the earth in order to purify, transform, and save us from the perils that afflict us.

In the first reading we could see, prophet Jeremiah suffered grave injustice, for the sake of the message he preached. He became a man of dissension for all the land where he preached. This was because his message was so discomforting to the leaders. So, their best option was to conspire and get rid of him. Although they succeeded for a while, but God proved that He was a powerful Savior. He did not allow him to perish. Instead, at His own time and in His own way, God came to his aid.

The gospel of today has left many wondering what Jesus means by bringing “fire and division upon the earth. Does Jesus want to destroy us with fire? No, the fire that Jesus brings is different. It is the fire of the Holy Spirit, which purifies our souls from evil and saves us. Hence, on this Sunday Jesus reassures us of his willingness to continue the work of salvation which he started in us. He plans to achieve this through a continuous purification. The fire he wishes to bring is that which is very positive and objective. It is for our own purification and good. It is meant to consume the debris and fabrics of inordinate attachments, immorality, injustice and corruption in our lives, communities and world at large.

On coming Monday (August,15), we celebrate the Assumption of Blessed Virgin Mary. The assumption of our Mother Mary is one of privileges given by God to Mother Mary for her sacrifice, commitment and life of Holiness. There will be one Mass at 8:00 AM at our Immaculate conception Church, Fountain City. Though it is not a day of obligation this year, you are most welcome to attend the Mass. Have a wonderful Sunday!