Listen and Serve

07-17-2022Weekly ReflectionFr. Aruldoss

Dear People of God,

Good morning. The Liturgy of word of God of this Sunday reminds us the importance of hospitality. It is a Christian virtue and our duty towards others. They remind us of the need to pay attention to Christ our Guest

In the first reading, Abraham displayed his hospitality by receiving and welcoming strangers in his house. Fortunately for him, the strangers were messengers from God. Not only did he welcome them under his roof, he took extreme care of their material needs. He equally paid attention to their message and instruction. Hence, through his hospitality, he expressed his spirituality. For this, God decided to reward and bless his household. God promised Abraham a child. God wants us to be hospitable. we have to be good and hospitable, because it is right and just.

In the second reading, Paul invites believers to open their hearts and minds and to show their hospitality to the mystery of Christ which he preaches. Paul also challenges us to cultivate that quality of hospitality which welcomes all others in Christ. Today’s Gospel passage describes how Martha, wanted to extend the traditional generous hospitality of her people to Jesus, the true Messiah, by preparing an elaborate meal for him, while her sister Mary spent her time in talking to Jesus and listening to him
We need listening Marthas and serving Marys: Martha has become a symbol of action-oriented, responsible people who get the job done. Our world and our parish churches need such dynamic and generous men, women, boys and girls. We need to be good listeners, like Mary, at home and in the workplace. Active and busy as we are, we must find time every day to listen to God, to spouse, kids, and neighbors. Listening and quiet caring are essential for the successful life.

In short, today’s gospel reading invites us to serve others with Martha’s diligence after recharging our spiritual batteries every day by prayer – listening to God and talking to God – as Mary did. We can minister truly to the needs of others only after welcoming God’s Word into in our hearts and minds. Have a happy and blessed Sunday!