Diocesan Annual Appeal 2021-2022

10-31-2021Weekly ReflectionFr. Arul Doss

Dear people of God,

May the Lord give you peace! Again, we are prayerfully beginning the diocesan annual appeal. You might have received or will be receiving a mailing about the diocesan annual appeal very soon. Please take some time to prayerfully respond to the appeal. As you know, our diocesan annual appeal is the funding source for all the diocesan offices and their activities like seminarians’ education & religious formation, Televised Mass, Mary of good help Hmong ministry and so on. You can access the complete list at: diolc.org/stewardship/appeal-portal.

Today as we see the pandemic, unrest, and chaos spread across the globe, a growing sense of hopelessness is infecting many parts of our communities. There never has been in our lifetime a greater need for the church to hold fast to the hope in Jesus Christ and provide the healing comfort of his mercy through our 38 ministries supported by our diocesan annual appeal. The world needs us to fulfill
our mission, a mission given to us through the church. You are asked to mail your check or pledge using the envelope provided.

This year our target is our parish allocation for the 2021-2022 appeal is;
Immaculate Conception, Fountain City: $20,385
St. Lawrence, Alma: $12,745
St. Boniface, Waumandee: $7,715

I must, of course, mention that all money received over our target set by our diocese, is returned to our parishes to be used for our own programs and needs. Thanking you for your generous response year in and year out. I am always amazed at the generous heart of our parishes, supporting so many worthwhile causes. I will keep all of you in my prayers as you consider the annual appeal and ask that you do the same for me.

Have a great and blessed day!

Yours in Jesus,
Fr. Doss