13th Sunday of Ordinary Time

06-28-2020Weekly ReflectionFather Prince Raja

When I offered the Solemnity of Most Sacred Heart of Jesus on 19 June 2020, I got this reading from Dt 7:6 "Moses said to the people: "You are a people sacred to the LORD, your God; he has chosen you from all the nations on the face of the earth to be a people peculiarly his own."


Mission appeal on behalf of Archbishop Anthony Papusamy for Madurai Archdiocese, India

06-21-2020Weekly ReflectionFather Prince Raja

Hello This is Father Prince Raja, every year from the society of the propagation of the faith, our parishes will get a visiting priest to make a mission appeal for their diocese or their congregation, since this week and next week will be my last in our parishes, I am doing this missionary cooperative program 2020 for my diocese back in India, at present my archbisop can't be here to do this Mission appeal, on behalf of my Archbishop Anthony Papusamy for Madurai Archdiocese, India, I will give some brief history of my diocese and the works that are being done there with your help.


Holy Eucharist as a Sacrificial Meal

06-14-2020Weekly ReflectionFather Prince Raja

This weekend diocese of La Crosse asked me to make this announcement since I will be released from all my responsibilities as a pastor of our three parishes from July 2, 2020, our parishes will have a new administrator Fr. Aruldoss who is at present serving in Chippewa Falls Holy Ghost Parish as a associate pastor. Fr. Aruldoss and me come from the same state of southern India. Though we belong to different dioceses, we speak same language and we studied together in seminary. Let's welcome Father to our three parishes.


How real is your God?

06-07-2020Weekly ReflectionFather Prince Raja

I once had a spiritual director who was fond of asking the question: "What is your God like?" he would then challenge me to go even deeper as he would continue to ask: "What does God feel like for you? What does He smell like? What does He taste like? What does He look like? What does He sound like for you?" Initially these questions seemed silly, and even difficult to answer. Eventually they opened up for me a whole new way of perceiving God. For instance, if you were to ask me: "What does God smell like for you?" I might say something like: "He smells like the fragrance of a cool evening in a hilly area after some showers; the air is fresh; there is a limy fragrance in the air; and you just want to take in a deep breath." This God is real to me! Yes, it is analogical. In fact all our talking about God is analogical. But these images make God real to us.