Catholic Dumbledore’s Army

01-20-2019Weekly ReflectionDeacon Ed Wendt

Brandon Vogt, a top selling Catholic Author, has come out with a new video series and I believe our young people and you will find it interesting and quite intriguing. For the past five months, Brandon has been secretly working on a brand new, 5-part video series.

The series is titled: "Why it's Time for a Catholic Dumbledore's Army (and Why You Need to Join)"

Brandon informs us that He "sadly, came to realize most Catholics are in the same situation as Harry Potter and friends in the bestselling books:"

"They face massive challenges and pressures, which their institutions just aren't preparing them to face.
They're not getting the practical skills they need.
So…..they must do something about it themselves.
Thus, Harry and his friends create Dumbledore's Army.
Today, we need something similar.
We need a Catholic Dumbledore's Army."

In Brandon's new series you will learn:

  • Harry Potter's brilliant strategy for saving Hogwarts (and why Catholics must copy it today!)
  • The critical skills our parishes are NOT teaching us, and where to learn them instead
  • The simple 3-step process used by Harry Potter and St. Thomas Aquinas to become masters
  • How to learn the practical conversation skills all Catholics need in just 15 minutes per week

A word from Brandon,

"I know Harry Potter makes some Catholics nervous. Personally, I love the series (I've read it three times), but I do address some common criticisms/objections in this my video. In any case, you don't have to like the books or even have read them to enjoy this video series. I'm just using the stories to make a literary analogy."

"I want to draw as many Catholics as possible into this new movement, so can you help? Can you share it with friends and fellow-parishioners? Just share this link >>;

Take a look everyone. I did.

Deacon Ed