The Sacredness of Married Life

10-07-2018From Our PastorFather Prince Raja

Today's readings tell us of the sacredness of married life. In the first reading God blesses man and woman whom he created. In their love for each other in marriage the two become one. In the Gospel we have the teaching of Jesus about divorce and remarriage. He blesses the little children with the message that they symbolize those fit to enter the kingdom of God. In the second reading we hear that the Son of God came to the earth and identified with us. We are his brothers and sisters. He suffered and died for us so that we may be saved.

Once again, the gospel text of today invites us to revisit Jesus' mind regarding marriage and family. I would like to look at two dimensions emerging from the longer version of the gospel text of today: (1) the role of unity and permanence of marriage in order to ensure the well-being of the couples; and (2) welcoming children in the context of the healthy family.

One significant theme in the creation account is God's gracious love for humanity. Out of love for them God created the world, bestowed on them the privilege of enjoying the Garden of Eden, and gave them the distinct honor of walking with God in the Garden. In the first reading of today God offers them yet another gift of love. As the reading begins God announces that it is not good for man to be alone. This is the first time God declares something associated with creation to be not good. Such an appraisal gives all the more emphasis to the wonderful gift of finding a partner to love. This appraisal also sets in motion the process that concludes with the presentation of Eve to Adam. The reader knows that only woman will perfectly complement man, giving special attention to the wonderful gift of married love. When God presents the woman to him, the man calls her by a name, revealing by the way it sounds that she is indeed the perfect partner. This was lacking in the names given to the animals. The Hebrew words for man and woman are similar. The reading concludes with an affirmation of the union between man and woman repeated in every generation. God says they will leave all and cling to each other. In marriage, the man and the woman become one. They belong to each other.