Re-Opening our Churches

The bishops have developed a strategic plan for all parishes to implement before we can even consider opening our churches for public worship. The Church has issued the decree that the obligation to attend Sunday Mass remains dispensed until further notice. It is highly encouraged that those in at-risk populations should continue to participate in the Mass via television and social media. Sunday Masses continue to be televised and live streamed on the Diocese of La Crosse website, Facebook and YouTube accounts.


Father Prince Raja


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05-30-2020Father Prince Raja

Covid-19 pandemic has challenged the status quo of the contemporary society on several fronts. Its impact has been felt across almost every aspect of life, including healthcare services, economics, entertainment industry and sports, work and family life, and in religious and educational practices. Amidst these global disruptions, the winners have been the contemporary twins, Information Technology (IT) and internet (webinar Zoom). I really appreciate and thank you all for your great support towards our parishes during this uncertain times. I remembered all your family members and your intentions in my daily private mass.