Public Masses have Resumed

The Church has issued the decree that the obligation to attend Sunday Mass remains dispensed until further notice. It is highly encouraged that those in at-risk populations should continue to participate in the Mass via television and social media. Sunday Masses continue to be televised and live streamed on the Diocese of La Crosse website, YouTube channel, Facebook.

Catholic Schools Week Mass


Fr. Arul Doss


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Deacon Edward Wendt


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02-21-2021Fr. Arul Doss

Dear People of God.

The season of Lent has been begun already. Today is first Sunday of Lent. The readings of this Sunday are inviting us to renew our covenant with God.

Our first reading recounts the unconditional covenant between God and Noah who represents humanity. This is a covenant of renewal, recreation and restoration. This covenant was sealed with a rainbow as a sign of God’s faithfulness. One interesting thing about this covenant is that we share in it. God has been faithful to this covenant, to the extent of offering his own son Jesus Christ in order to renew it. Unfortunately, humanity has been unfaithful to God and his covenant. Therefore, this season, God offers us another opportunity to renew our covenant with him through Christ.