Reunite - Rebuild - Rejoice - Recovery Appeal

General Announcements

Our parishes are truly blessed! Together as a family of faith we are uniting to strengthen our parish in the short term while also preparing ourselves for growth in the years to come. As we return to the public celebration of the Eucharist, we reflect upon our mission and how each of us plays a role in fulfilling that mission by sharing our gifts for the benefit of others.

We express our gratitude to our parishioners who already responded to our call during this most unique time. Your generosity and commitment to our parish is truly appreciated.

Our Reunite • Rebuild • Rejoice Recovery Appeal will make it possible for our community to persevere through this time and, with God’s divine help, make it possible to become stronger as a community of faith.

If you have not submitted your commitment and would like to, please mail or drop it off to the parish office or place in with your regular offertory this weekend. If you are discerning your commitment. please take the time to pray and reflect upon the materials which you received and consider how you may assist your church, if you are able. Also, please be sure to let us know if you, your family or any members of our community are in need of our support and assistance at this time.

Together, as we continue to physically Reunite as one community and Rebuild our parish, may we Rejoice in the Lord’s goodness now and always!