What do we seek in life?

07-26-2020Weekly ReflectionFr. Arul Doss

Dear people of God,

Wishing you all a peace and joy in the Holy names of our Jesus Christ, our Mother Mary and Joseph!

Last two weeks, we have been hearing parables about the kingdom of heaven. Today’s Gospel also speaks about the Kingdom of Heaven. It is like a Treasure buried in the field, like a merchant searching Pearls and like a Net thrown into sea, which collects fish of every kind.

Most of us today don’t think in terms of kingdoms, but we could rephrase the Kingdom of Heaven as all who belong the Lord. It is we who form one people, one grouping, one body in Christ. Individualism has dominated so much of our thinking, yet our Scriptures are clear: we go to the Father as a people, as a community of people, not just as individuals.

Today’s first reading is from the First Book of Kings. In this passage, King Solomon asks for wisdom in order to be able to guide the people of his kingdom. The surprise is that King Solomon does not ask for strength, nor for riches, nor for a good life for himself, nor for triumph over his enemies. Instead, King Solomon seeks wisdom to serve the people.

What do we seek in life? What do I seek in life personally power or wealth? These are natural questions after hearing about King Solomon. Instead, the Kingdom of God is like a wonderful gift of love for all others and should overcome in us all the desire to have things just for myself or for my loved ones. Rather, the Kingdom of Heaven pushes me to want to good of the other person and the good of all.

God brings about His Kingdom and God will take out of His Kingdom all that does not belong to His Kingdom. We must be purified of all that is in us and which is against the Kingdom. We should not fear this purification. Rather we should recognize that purification is necessary so that we can be with God completely and always. Let us pray for the purification and try to the kingdom of heaven our own! Once we see the immense value and joy of the Kingdom, it is all we shall want.