From Our Pastor

12-18-2022Weekly ReflectionFr. Aruldoss, Pastor

Dear Brother and Sisters,

First of all, I thank sincerely all those who supported for the installation of my Rectory windows by purchasing raffle tickets and a double thanks to all the council members of St. Lawrence, Immaculate Conception and St. Boniface for your planning, coordinating and executing this project. Also, thank you for those who donated for the giving trees! May God reward you for your generous heart!

The sign that God revealed to us on this last Sunday of Advent is highly significant. God’s choice of the Messiah was from the house of David. However, Mary’s child belongs to all nations. So, we all form part of the nations. This is through God’s love, and his invitation to share in the Christ’s heritage. Hence, Christ is coming for the sake of all of us.

In the first reading of this Sunday, God gave us the greatest and most definitive signs about the Messiah: When the King Ahaz was afraid and refused to ask for the sign, Isaiah says, “Therefore the Lord himself will give you this sign: the virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall name him Emmanuel” (Is 7:14). The name 'Emmanuel' comes from a grouping of Hebrew words and means 'God is with us.'

We see St. Matthew quoting this 'Emmanuelprophesy' of Isaiah in today's Gospel passage, to show that this is being fulfilled in Virgin Mary, who is betrothed to St. Joseph belonging to King David dynasty. Matthew in his infancy narrative traced Jesus’ linage back to the dynasty of king David. This is also meant to assure us that Jesus is really the promised messiah. In this narrative, Mathew highlighted the very important and central role played by Mary and Joseph. They were God’s instruments for fulfilling His mission of salvation for us. This teaches us that God is active in our history and lives, and that He comes to us through human instruments.

Finally, as we expect the coming of the Messiah, each one of us must make himself available as a worthy instrument. We must be ready to cooperate with God as Mary and Joseph did, in order that the promises of God might be fulfilled through us. Also, we have to allow ourselves to be instruments through which God could save humanity. So, in whatever capacity God calls us to participate in the economy of salvation, let us cooperate with him as Mary and Joseph did today. Have a Happy and Blessed Sunday!!

Yours in Christ,
Fr. Doss