Mission Coop Program 2022

07-24-2022Weekly ReflectionFr. Aruldoss

Dear People of God,

Joyful greetings from Fr Doss. Every year, the diocese of Lacrosse sends a missionary Priest to our parishes for mission appeal. This year our diocesan mission office director very. Rev Fr. Woodrow H. Pace has assigned our three parishes for my native diocese. So, I would like to share a few details about my native diocese back in India.

I am originally from Roman Catholic Diocese, Vellore, S. India. But now I am serving here in our parishes for the last two years. Our diocese was started by Salesians of Don Bosco order priests in the year 1952 carving out a portion from the Archdiocese of Madras-Mylapore. It comprises of two civil districts namely Vellore and Tiruvannamalai. There are 87 parishes having Catholic population of 1,50,000. By the way my bishop Most. Rev. Dr. Sounder Raju Sdb passed away on march 20, 2020 during this pandemic time. The Administrator is Very. Rev Msgr. John Robert who take care of the administration of my diocese now.

Can you imagine a land where 1.6% Christians put their faith into action through a challenging ministry among 82% Hindus? Can you imagine a land where many of your privileges are denied because you are Christian? But with all these my Diocese Vellore, does a wonderful ministry of proclaiming the good news and the works of charity such as running a school for the poor, building mission and ministry facilities, leading children's outreach programs, and reaching out to individual and communities through Christian service. Our diocesan administrator Very. Mgr. I. John Robert struggles to accomplish all these projects successfully. He even struggles to pay medical bills to the pastors who were affected by Covid-19 and other sickness.

But today I am here asking your financial help to build a rectory in a new parish which was erected in the year 2019 an do some relief works to the people affected economically because Covid19. Many people are without job now. The total cost is around 30000 dollars. But I am not asking you to give this entire amount especially in this difficult situation. Four priests form my native diocese are working in our Lacrosse diocese. All four will be going to four different parishes. I request you to donate what you could do. If you would like to be part of this mission coop through your financial support, send a check to your parish name like “Immaculate Conception” or “St. Boniface Church” or St. Lawrence Church and mention as “Mission Coop” in memo column using the envelops kept in our church pews.

I also request your support most importantly by your prayer. Your contributions will continue to strengthen our ministerial initiatives and evangelization efforts. God bless you all!