Seek Reconciliation with God

03-27-2022Weekly ReflectionFr. Arul Doss

Dear brothers and sisters in Jesus,

We have reached the fourth Sunday in our Lenten journey towards the Easter. Traditionally, it is called Rejoice Sunday (Laetare Sunday). Anticipating Easter joy, today’s readings invite us to rejoice by being reconciled with God through repentance and the confession of our sins and by celebrating our coming home to be with our loving and forgiving God.

In today’s second reading, Paul tells us that we are “products of Christ’s reconciliation.” Christ took the first initiative of reconciling us to God. In 0ther words, owing to sin, we were cut off from God. However, through the sacrifice of Christ we became God’s adopted children. So, we are all children of the same father by virtue of Christ’s sacrifice.

In today’s gospel, through the story of the prodigal son, Jesus reassures us of God’s readiness to reconcile with us. The parable of the prodigal son is the story of a loving father, and a humble and repented son. It is the story of reconciliation at its best. Most importantly, it reflects our own daily story and struggle. Hence, it does not matter how far we have gone away from God or how terrible our
past has been. What matters is that Christ is willing to reconcile us to his Father, and to restore our lost glory. We should be always willing to go to Him.

Therefore, this season we must constantly seek reconciliation with God through Christ. We must humbly rediscover our self, and like the prodigal son we must confess: “I have sinned against heaven and earth.” We must also say to God, “I am coming home.” So, we must cast away all shame and pride in order to be reconciled with God and others through Christ. The sacrament of reconciliation is a best means for reconciling ourselves to God, others and oneself. Our reconciliation with God is strongly dependent on our reconciliation with others and of course, with ourselves.

This sacrament is a blessing to all of us, because it mediates God’s grace to us. Therefore, this Lent, let us use this sacrament instituted by Christ through his Church in order to be reconciled with God and with our neighbors. Have a Joyful Sunday!