Solemnity of the Baptism of Our Lord

01-09-2022Weekly ReflectionFr. Arul Doss

Dear People of God,

Good morning to you all. This Sunday, we celebrate the feast of the Baptism of the Lord. It recalls the history of the Lord’s own baptism and reminds us of the importance of the sacrament of baptism in our lives as Christians.

The first reading today is a message of hope and consolation to all God’s people. Christ, the anointed one of God is with us to bring us healing. Most importantly, He is here to restore our peace.

Isaiah puts it this way: “Console my people, console them…here is the Lord coming with power, his arm subduing all things to him, the prize of his victory is here with him” This is exactly the ministry that Christ was anointed and empowered for by the Holy Spirit that rested on him like a dove during his baptism.

In our second reading, Paul reminds us through his letter to Titus, that “God saved us by the cleansing water of baptism and by renewing us with the Holy Spirit which he poured over us through Jesus Christ our savior.” Indeed, through his own baptism, Christ sanctified and opened the fountain of baptism for us. He also initiated our redemptive process. Hence, through our own baptism in Christ, we are admitted into the redemptive process for our salvation.

The gospel reading of today speaks about baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist. During this baptism, God anointed Christ with the Holy Spirit and empowered him for his mission of bringing healing and peace to all nations. It was necessary for Christ to be baptized in order to underscore the importance of the sacrament of baptism as the foundation for all other sacraments. Through this Baptism, Christ manifested his full humanity, yet, without undermining his divinity. His baptism was a sign of solidarity with us whom he came save. It was a sign that he himself was ready to go through any ordeal in order to guarantee our salvation. Most importantly, through his baptism Christ initiated our redemptive process, which he will finally seal with his blood on the cross.

On this day therefore, it is very important for us to reflect on our own baptism. We need to reflect especially on how well we have observed and kept our baptismal vows. How faithful have we been to God in terms of keeping these promises. While we reflect on Christ’s baptism and ours today, let us ask God to renew his spirit in us as we continue our walk with Christ this year for our salvation.

Have a Happy and Blessed Sunday!