The Relationship between Ignorance and Faith

04-18-2021Weekly ReflectionFr. Arul Doss

Dear People of God,

On this third Sunday of Easter, the liturgy of Word of God invites us to celebrate the living Christ, who is our advocate. Through his death and resurrection, he advocates for us. Ignorance and doubt keep us in fear and darkness, while Christ illumines and strengthens our faith. The major problem of the Jewish leaders who crucified Christ was ignorance. They thought they knew God and were advancing his course. On the contrary, they were actually working against it. Hence, they remained stubborn.

One important point which all the readings of today have in common is the relationship between ignorance and faith. Peter observed the Ignorance of the Jewish leaders. Hence, he addressed them: “It was you who accused the Holy One, the Just…Now brothers, I know that neither you nor your leaders had an idea of what you were doing.” They were waiting for the fulfillment of God’s promises. However, when He came, they ignorantly rejected him. Hence, John writes in today’s second reading: “Anyone who says I know him and does not keep his commandments is a lair refusing to admit the truth.” (1John 2:4). Ignorance of God’s command and will, leaves one with a false impression that he knows the truth. It makes one think that he is fighting for God, when actually the contrary is the case.

In the gospel, Jesus Christ continues to strengthen the faith of his disciples by illuminating their minds with the scriptures. Even though they heard him preach, and saw his miracles, they were ignorant of what the scriptures said about Jesus. Ignorance of God’s word and commandments is a major stumbling block to faith. Jesus knew this, so, “He opened their minds to see how it was written …” Hence, Paul constantly prayed: “May the Lord open the eyes of your minds” (Eph 1:18). Indeed, our minds need the illumination from the light and glory of the risen Christ.

Today’s gospel also reveals something very important. Often, we think that only Thomas doubted the resurrection of Christ. However, Luke simply takes us further, by revealing that Thomas was not alone in this boat. Jesus asked his disciples: “Why are you agitated, and why are these doubts rising in your hearts?

Of course, Jesus knew that most of his disciples doubted, even though they did not manifest it out publicly. So, he did everything humanly possible to convince them. He visited them, eat and drank with them. He even allowed them to touch his wounds. How many of us attend Sunday Masses and yet, do not believe in the Eucharist? May the risen Christ illuminate our minds that we may believe in him. Alleluia.

Have a Happy and Blessed Sunday!!

Yours in Christ Jesus,
Fr. Doss