Epiphany of Our Lord

01-03-2021Weekly ReflectionFr. Arul Doss

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Jesus Christ,

I especially thank all those who decorated the Cribs and Churches in all our three parishes. I also sincerely thank you all who participated in Christmas Masses. It was a good attendance.

Today we celebrate the solemnity of Epiphany, and in a most special way the day of the three kings who brought Jesus very costly and symbolic gifts of gold, mire, and frankincense. The term Epiphany is of Greek origin, epiphaninen. It is a verb which means “to reveal,” or “to manifest.”

Epiphany celebrates the many ways through which Jesus has revealed himself to us and our world. These include the three events that bring to light his mission and divinity: the visitation of the three kings or Magi (Mt 2, 10-12), the baptism of Jesus (Mk 1, 9-11), and the miracle at Cana (Jn 2, 1-11).

So, today God reveals himself to us because he is good and loving. The light that shines forth upon us today is the light of life from which we ourselves must get our own light and reflect it unto others. Today, Christ further demonstrates the extent of his love by allowing himself to illumine the darkness of our lives.

The lesson in all of these is that we must also make our lives better and allow the goodness that flows from us to help and Illuminate the ways and lives of others. We must shine our light so that others can see with it, as Christ illuminated our way and life this New Year with his own light, life, divine presences and counsel.

Today’s gospel from Matthew is about the visitation of the three wise kings. They came to adore and offer gifts to the new born king, Jesus Christ. This gospel has lots of lessons for us. First, the three kings offered a genuine worship to Christ, the King of kings. So, our worship must be sincere like theirs. It must not be like the false proposal of king Herod.

Second, we must be ready to offer Jesus something. The best gift to offer to God is the gift of oneself, the gift of love, the gift of obedience, the gift of humility, the gift of peace, and the gift of sacrifice. Another lesson that we must learn from the wise kings is that, we must continue to follow the star and light that Christ shows us. That is, we must not allow ourselves to be deceived or distracted on our journey by the many Herds of this world. Trusting that God will not mislead us, we must continue to watch out for the star and light of Christ that will guide us to eternity. Any time we are confused, or come to the cross road of life, we must seek and wait until the star of Christ appears to show us the way we must follow.

This is simply what we may refer to as divine guidance and counsel in our lives. Today, we must ask God as the church prays: Father, guide us with your light. Help us to recognize Christ in the Eucharist, and welcome him with love, for He is Lord forever and ever.

May our Mighty Child Jesus bless you all with His Choicest Blessings in this New Year through the powerful intercession of our Mother Mary.

Yours in Christ Jesus,
Fr. Doss