Cathedral Capital Campaign

01-10-2021Weekly ReflectionFr. Arul Doss

Dear People of God,

I would like to write about our Cathedral Capital Campaign because Our Bishop Callahan has asked all pastors to share this message. It is the launch of the La Crosse Diocese. Christ Our Cornerstone campaign to restore the steeple and facilitate other restorations to our beloved St. Joseph the Workman Cathedral at La Crosse.

Our beautiful Cathedral at La Crosse is celebrating a 60th+ birthday, and showing its age. Our Cathedral is a Faith Focus for us, the “launchpad” for sacraments in that the Holy Oils and Sacred Chrism used at Baptisms, anointing, Confirmation, and ordinations are blessed and consecrated at the Chrism Mass during Holy Week. Priestly and Deaconate ordinations occur in our Mother Church, as well.

The impact of the Cathedral is diocesan wide and beyond and stands as the iconic cornerstone of our faith which radiates as a place of prayer and worship to all our people. The scaffolding around the steeple isn’t there for looks. In fact, some of the stone-work has become loosened with age, so, to prevent something terrible from happening, it is being repaired, re-fastened, and in a few cases rebuilt. Along with this façade work, the mechanical elements of this grand building are in need of replacing and updating. Bishop Callahan has convened the best collaborators for this project. This structure, our faith in stone, was gifted to us by the hard work and sacrifices of generations past.

It is now our time, our turn to honor our faithful patron St. Joseph the Workman and preserve this historic and magnificent Cathedral. The estimated cost of restoring the steeple and other needs of the Cathedral is $6.1 million. Since the Cathedral is our “Mother Church” , We are all invited to join in providing the funding needed. St. Ambrose Financial Services, Inc. (the diocesan bank to which all parishes belong) has agreed to match $2 for each $1 generously pledged. One-time donations are appreciated, and a three-year pledge is also offered, along with IRA charitable gifts and gifts of stock. I encourage everyone to consider making a pledge. There are several pledges plans available in the brochures which is attached in our bulletin or available at back of each church or by visiting Pledges can be made online or by using the pledge cards found within the brochures provided today.

Thank you for supporting our Mother Church, the Cathedral.

Yours in Christ Jesus,
Fr. Doss