3rd Sunday of Ordinary Time

01-27-2019From Our PastorDeacon Ed Wendt

In today's Gospel prologue, St. Luke mentions many members of the early Church. But he only mentions one by name: Theophilus, for whom St. Luke compiled his Gospel account. So who are the others, and why does he mention them? He mentions them in order to put his account of the Gospel within the context of the Church.

Sometimes you'll hear of Christians calling Christianity a "religion of the book", the "book" in question being the Bible. However, while the Bible lies at the heart of our Christian Faith, Christianity does have a more primary foundation, and that is the Church. Christianity is more truly a "religion of the Church" than "of the Book". To be clear: it's not the Bible, but the Church that is at the heart of the Faith. Jesus founded the Church, but He did not write the New Testament: He left that job to the apostles. The writing of the New Testament was part of the mission that began on the day of Pentecost.


Catholic Dumbledore’s Army

01-20-2019From Our PastorDeacon Ed Wendt

Brandon Vogt, a top selling Catholic Author, has come out with a new video series and I believe our young people and you will find it interesting and quite intriguing. For the past five months, Brandon has been secretly working on a brand new, 5-part video series.

The series is titled: "Why it's Time for a Catholic Dumbledore's Army (and Why You Need to Join)"

Brandon informs us that He "sadly, came to realize most Catholics are in the same situation as Harry Potter and friends in the bestselling books:"