The End Times

11-18-2018From Our PastorFather Prince Raja

Today is the second last Sunday of the Church liturgical year. Next Sunday we will celebrate the Feast of Christ the King. As the church brings its liturgical year to an end, it traditionally presents the knowledge of the end times. This gives us the message that Jesus is the beginning and end of all things, all things exist in and through him. He is the Alpha and the Omega and he is the source of all things.


Day 124

11-16-2018Church Renovation

Hanson Hall has a new ceiling and lighting. It looks so big in there. The pews are getting prepped for new stain and varnish. The dove is going up on the ceiling in front of the sanctuary. Rick is working on the walls by the side altars to get them finished. The back base of the sanctuary is getting extended to hold our new back altar and tabernacle. Everyone have a wonderful weekend.

Day 122

11-14-2018Church Renovation

The ceiling in the church is insulated for the first time. The drop ceiling and lighting is getting installed in Hansen Hall and the room by the elevator. The room is so bright. In the choir loft everything is set in place. The pipes still have to be installed. Painting on the side altars is almost done. The sanctuary steps have been built out to provide more room for the new altars.

God Rewards our Perseverance

11-11-2018From Our PastorFather Prince Raja

When the books of Old Testament refer to the poor they often list three categories of people: the stranger, the orphan and the widow (Deut 14:29). The Hebrew Scriptures constantly invite people to be sensitive to the needs of these three types of vulnerable people: the stranger, the orphan and the widow (Ps 94:6; Jer 7:11). In the first reading a prophet offers life to a poor widow and her son. The woman only has to respond in faith and God will take care of her needs. She generously and willingly gave to the prophet what little she had and God blessed her abundantly.


Day 117

11-07-2018Church Renovation

News lights are getting hung in the sanctuary. The sanctuary base is getting extended. Charlie is putting second coat on the Hansen Hall walls. The contractors are finally getting caught up for the summer with there obligations so now they can finally have time to get our church done.

Day 115

11-05-2018Church Renovation

Charlie has the first coat of paint on the walls in the basement. The electrical is still getting worked on. The organ and the pipe cabinet is in place and building around it.

Thirty-First Sunday in Ordinary Time

11-04-2018From Our PastorFather Prince Raja

In the first reading taken from the Book of Deuteronomy we hear of Moses who having received the Ten Commandments from God on Mount Sinai, set about teaching them to the Israelites, God’s chosen people. He promised them temporal rewards if they remained loyal to their God who was one and only God and would prove their loyalty by observing his commandments. He told them that these rules, the Decalogue, are essential to be in communion with God. To secure a perfect communion with God, Moses began his discourse by telling the people to fear the Lord God. Therefore fear, that involves discipline, is part of the sanctifying process of the soul. When the believer has reached a higher level of holiness, the fear fades away, and is being replaced with true love in God.


Day 114

11-02-2018Church Renovation

They are done in the sanctuary. The pews are all stripped waiting to be stained and varnished. The last coat of mud is going on the sheetrock in the basement. The new windows are installed in Hanson Hall. The guys are wiring and adjusting the choir loft to fit in the new organ. Don't forget the church will be open this weekend after Mass so everyone can walk through to see the progress. Have a Blessed Weekend!