Day 9

06-01-2018Church Renovation

The Servicemaster crew have been really great and very respectful of our church. They are all very nice people. The crew in grey are from Green Bay- Lane, Toby & Xue. The crew in blue are from Wausau-Marshall, Matt, Raven & Kessler. There are 2 temps on the crew from Winona area - Brian is in construction usually and Liam just graduated from St. Mary's college with majors in History & English. With week 2 coming to an end they have all of the demolition done except for the furnace room. The ceiling will be coming down next week. They removed all the black ducting and it will be cleaned next week with some dry ice technique. It should bring it back to its original shine. I had to throw a picture in of the 3 masterminds of the operation.

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