Memorial Day & Other Care

05-27-2018From Our PastorFr. Brian Jazdzewski

I hope each of us takes some moments this weekend to reflect upon the real reason for our Federal observance of Memorial Day. We remember more than all the faithful departed; we remember more specifically those who have lost their lives defending the liberties we so easily take for granted. There are countless resources lost to defend our nation and its principles. The lost human resources are the most valuable. We are pro-life, so any time any life is lost, we mourn in unique ways. Continue to pray for the repose of the souls of our nations heroes, many of them unspoken and unsung.

We are the people whom God has called to bring virtue into a culture which is often lacking virtue. Consider keeping that in mind and put up at least a little resistance to those who think Memorial Day is the kickoff to the summer holiday season. Lives have been lost in service to our country and we would not be able to so easily enjoy summer if not for these service people. Continue to stand up for virtue!

Loss comes in all sorts of forms. The recent church fire reminds us about the material losses in our places of worship where countless people for generations have come to worship God. In the midst of that worship, we often marked some really joyful and really hurtful points of life. Consider baptisms and funerals as two examples. So, it's quite regular for us to deal with waves of all sorts of emotions as we journey through our losses together.

While all that goes on, I found Sunday morning really interesting; some of you have shared experiences like mine. In the midst of people sharing personal support for me, I was almost immediately sharing personal support for them in the midst of the church fire losses. That's an interesting space in which to dwell and I'm awaiting insights from God about the deeper meaning He is yet to reveal. That contrast of both giving and receiving care simultaneously is a fascinating experience.

And, as if that's not enough, we continue to encounter God through the reality of priestly assignment changes coming in July. A particular sensitivity at this point is the children in the school and parish; and hopefully the childlike spirit within each one of us. Seeing and hearing from the kids around me about my leaving is not always easy. The difficulty increases when they ask questions about WHY? And, when given an answer, they ask WHY? And then when explained some more they ask WHY? And the cycle continues. Wow…tough.

So maybe it's because God wants me to interact with kids in Eau Claire. Maybe it's because Fr. Prince will bring something to the kids here that God has already willed. Maybe its…whatever. So, the bot tom line is, we all have to be on the search, the quest. We all have to be on the adventure to discover how God is revealing Himself through one another and our shared experiences. In that quest I find some satisfaction. In recent months I've been on the lookout for God's revealing Himself to me. Though God has made that challenging in recent weeks (being transferred, church fire, jury duty) I continue to find Him in my prayers and daily encounters. Most especially, I'm continuing to choose to find Him in you, the people of God. I continue to beg you to make that easier with each passing day and I'll continue to do my best to help you find Him in me. So we continue to journey in faith, knowing that through Him, with Him, and in Him…we find peace!