LENT is coming! Lent IS coming! Lent is COMING!

01-28-2018Weekly ReflectionFr. Brian Jazdzewski

For many of us, the passage of Christmas seems so long ago. For many of us, the passage of Christmas seems to just have happened. While all of those memories simmer in our minds, we come to the reality that Lent will quickly be upon us. Further, the celebration of Easter comes to our lives on the first day of April. So, rather than anticipating Easter, we participate in the times among us. We concentrate on these days of Ordinary Time which help us transition to the upcoming observance of Lent.


Short Fuse in the Cold Air

01-07-2018Weekly ReflectionFr. Brian Jazdzewski

The more I’m around people, the more it seems there is a common complaint about people just being lesstolerant of each other; more quick to toss the first stones; rapid to criticize and the like. I also hearbroadcasters on heavy metal genre of satellite radio to mention how people, particularly at concerts, need tobe present in the moment rather than experiencing the concert through their mobile device. The saidbroadcaster continues to mention that people ought to be present in the moment with their families andfriends. Generally speaking, in the midst of a culture in which we appear to be digitally connected, we havesomehow allowed that virtual reality to deceive us into thinking that is our new reality; and somehow it’sbetter.