Changes to Religious Education

12-24-2017From Our Pastor

There are three changes which will occur after 1 January 2018 which are related to each other, though distinct. Amanda Burrow, who was working as our parish cluster Coordinator of Religious Education since the summer of 2016, has resigned from the position effective 31 December 2017. She has taken a full-time job as a Spanish teacher in the Alma Public School. We wish her well in this new chapter of her life here in our area.

Consequently, our Pastor has decided to administrate the balance of the Religious Education academic year through a coordinated effort with Connie Sweno. Please contact Connie Sweno first with any Religious Education questions or concerns through our Parish Office telephone, our parish email ( or Religious Education email ( [the red is an abbreviation for Religious Education Director]).

Furthermore, our Pastor's weekly day-off will be modified. He needs to be present at the Religious Education classroom times and therefore will begin his day-off on Thursday morning. He will regularly return around mid-day on Friday. The daily Mass time at the Church of the Immaculate Conception will move to 5:30 in the evening on each Friday.

Continue to pray for the young people who benefit from our Catholic Schools and Religious Education Programs, pray for their teachers and catechists that they will effectively convey the Good News, pray for their parents and families that Jesus will continue to change hearts to receive His graces well. Finally, pray that our Lord will bless these new endeavors, and if it's His Will, to send someone into our community who will have the skills and willingness to direct our Religious Education Program.