Learning In Season and Out of Season

08-28-2016From Our PastorFr. Brian Jazdzewski

Sure, parents and families are hastily preparing for the upcoming academic year. Along with them are the students and staff members anxiously awaiting the return of students to the school buildings. Meanwhile, others are cramming in their final days of summer vacation before the Labor Day weekend. All the while, many others are living with the constant reminder that learning has no boundaries.

One of the great life lessons we embrace is to constantly learn something each day. A person with this type of attitude is naturally curious and open to new ideas. New ideas can often sound really exciting, until some of us realize that new ideas might mean change. Change in a personal way, or changes in the way different groupings of people live our normalcy. As believers, we enjoy constant reminders that the only thing which remains constant is change. So, rather than resist change, our call is to embrace change.


Staffing Changes

08-14-2016From Our PastorFr. Brian Jazdzewski

Many of you know by now that Amber Newton was hired in June as the Office Administrator for our parish cluster and Catholic School. Her skills and talents have already been well-received by those with whom she interacts. We ask that you continue to help her feel welcome and supported as you find yourself interacting with her in whatever way that may be.