Staffing Changes

08-14-2016From Our PastorFr. Brian Jazdzewski

Many of you know by now that Amber Newton was hired in June as the Office Administrator for our parish cluster and Catholic School. Her skills and talents have already been well-received by those with whom she interacts. We ask that you continue to help her feel welcome and supported as you find yourself interacting with her in whatever way that may be.

We also want to share with you an update regarding the Coordinator/Director of Religious Education. During the first week of this month Amanda Burrow was offered the position, and she accepted. While we wait to finalize the hiring process and documentation, Amanda will be working toward establishing a plan for the upcoming Religious Education calendar and supporting activities. That work will also include registration for students along with formation for catechists. In that sense, continue to ask God if you might be among His chosen ones to help our young people develop a deeper understanding and relationship with Jesus and His Church. We ask that you heighten your attention about the Religious Education Program as we near another year of formation. If, in the mean time, you'd like to contact Amanda, kindly leave a message for her on the Office phone 608-687-8418.

Diocesan Annual Appeal

Many of us are well aware that each autumn we participate in the Diocesan Annual Appeal to support the administrative work and programs of the Diocese of La Crosse. The Diocesan Annual Appeal initial mailing will arrive in your homes within the first half of September. Please be aware of the Diocesan Annual Appeal, familiarize yourself with the promotional material and prayerfully consider giving something, or giving more, to the Diocesan Annual Appeal. Stay tuned for more details.

Red, White & Blue Prayer Service and Social

The Catholic Church has held a custom, intermittently practiced, where intentional prayers are offered for people involved in legal matters, law enforcement, fire fighting, EMT's, first responders, health care professionals and other groups of people who run to assist us when we are most in need. Council members of the Church of Saint Lawrence will provide their church, cafeteria and undercroft for a prayer service for people of Buffalo County who fall into one or more of these categories. The primary expectation is intentional prayer. Attendance is for anyone and everyone who wants to unite in prayer for these intentions. Our expectation is to provide a prayer service outside the context of Mass to help our likeminded non-Catholics to feel welcome to join us for this prayer service. No one person or group will be recognized or honored; we just think its time to enact a long-standing Catholic custom with and for these people who sacrifice a lot to aid us.

The Red, White & Blue Prayer Service and Social will begin at 6 o'clock in the evening on Wednesday, 14 September 2016 in the Church of Saint Lawrence, under the shadow of the Buffalo County Administrative Building. Share the word and invitation as we gather to pray with and for the people who help us when we need the help the most.